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Our Team

About the Team

Welcome to 'Motel Sales Specialist'. My name is Chris Fuller, owner and director based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast Queensland. As Motel owners with over 23 years’ experience, we have an in-depth knowledge and a complete understanding of the Motel industry. Having this experience gives us a leading advantage to provide expert consulting services for both the vendor and buyer. As a family business and a values based organisation we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service for all our clients, going above and beyond the industry standards performed by a Motel Broker as we understand the importance of a solid reputation built on repeat clientele and business referrals. Here at Motel Sales Specialist our aim is to provide quality service to buyers and sellers, making the transition in and out of the Motel business as smooth and as profitable as possible.

Our values : Commitment : Transparency : Experience : Passion : Service : Teamwork : Honesty : Perseverance : Fairness : Integrity 


Consulting Services

  • Consultancy service for new motel projects
  • Prepare financial statements for off the plan projects
  • Prepare cash flows for valuation and bank purposes
  • Source qualified buyers
  • Assist in front of house operations
  • Setup back office accounting
  • Oversee the financials of the business for new owners & properties under management
  • Advise prospective buyers of their capable spend for purchasing a property


Meet Chris

The Principal of the Company, Chris Fuller is a Licensed Real Estate Agent holding an individual and corporate license. Chris began her career in the banking industry, then from the age of 24 owned and operated a number of businesses until moving into the hospitality industry in 1993. During this time Chris and her Husband owned and operated a number of motels, 2 leaseholds, 1 freehold going concern and 2 passive investments. Chris was the first female employed as a motel sales consultant for a major company, selling motels in South East Queensland and the Northern New South Wales region. Chris is equipped to provide specialist referrals to professionals in Law, Accounting and Banking who are highly recognised for their experience in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry.

"Our company's objective is to provide a professional and ethical service for the listing and successful sale of Motels both Freehold and Leasehold. We're available to share our knowledge with those about to enter the Motel industry. Prospective buyers are welcome to contact us and we will gladly give our time to discuss the industry." 

Meet Jim

Jim is a highly qualified motel sales broker, having worked with sellers and buyers across New South Wales for 15 years. Jim’s knowledge of the motel industry spans well beyond brokerage. As an owner and operator of a 56 unit motel and 80 seat restaurant for ten years, Jim brings significant experience and understanding to his clients. Jim has held many industry positions including Associate Director of Flag International, Chairman of the Dubbo Tourist Association and President of the Dubbo Moteliers Association. Jim’s large network and experience in the industry continues to open up unique opportunities for his clients. Jim currently services New South Wales, listing freehold and leasehold businesses across a variety of property types including motels, hotels and holiday parks. 

"To achieve a successful and speedy sale, my goal is always to present information accurately and honestly to both vendor and buyer."